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About Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi

As a result of his fluency in four languages and intimate familiarity with two cultures, Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi, an unobtrusive yet ubiquitous force in the world of international affairs for more than a quarter of a century, has become an important link between the East and West. An innovative engineer and negotiator, he is a key player in a globally successful French industry.

A lifetime of entrepreneurship


Born in 1951 to a family of soldiers in Gabès, a city in southern Tunisia, young Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi studied in France before joining the Merchant Navy in Saint-Malo in 1967.

He reached the rank of lieutenant before furthering his education at ESI Lille. He graduated from the school in 1978 with a degree in engineering, specializing in hydraulics.

It wasn’t long before his ever-present entrepreneurial spirit made its debut. Hired by ISEE, he later bought this Pas de Calais company in 1980 and created his first company, AMIS. These two companies, which quickly rose to international renown for tunnel boring machines and other underground construction equipment (especially with regard to metro tunnels in Lille and Caracas, Venezuela), specialize in petroleum and mechanical engineering.

Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi further cemented his growing reputation with the invention of the Portube, an innovation which earned him the LANVAR prize. For its manufacturing and marketing, he created a new company under the same name. The Portube is an underground capillary irrigation system that supplants aerial watering. This device utilizes water in a highly economical manner and is acclaimed worldwide in regions which have arid climates.

This is particularly true in Saudi Arabia where the Portube is used in the gardens of the royal palace, as well as in airports, various public facilities and farms.

The businessman became a resident of Saudi Arabia in 1985 and became a specialist in investments and industrial and commercial trade. Notably, he negotiated a contract worth more than $15 billion in the water supply and sanitation sector.

CNIM and Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi: a strategic partnership

Founded in France in 1856, the CNIM Group (Constructions Industrielles de la Méditerranée) is a leading international supplier of industrial equipment for the energy, transportation, defense, waste treatment and health sectors.

With a network of more than 250 plants worldwide, particularly in Europe and the Gulf States, the CNIM Group is particularly well-known for its energy recovery solutions for household and biomass waste.

As advisor to the Chairman of the Executive Board and as the current Chairman of CNIM Middle East and CNIM Saudi, Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi plays a key role in the CNIM Group’s overall success.

This is one of the activities he is most proud of because its effects are conclusive and positive: recovering energy from one million tons of waste provides 100 megawatts of energy and is equivalent to 250,000 tons of fuel, given 1 m3 of oil yields 4KW.

Recognized expert, activist and philanthropist

Thanks to the many successes that have strengthened his position over the years, Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi has the power and know-how to use his unique Eastern and Western culture to found and take control of companies around the world, such as Aquatraitements Energy Services, Razin Contracting, Sogetram and Ferrara Ltd.

He devotes most of his investments to his preferred sectors: transportation, water treatment and distribution, waste recovery and recycling…

His negotiating skills afford him a place among the world’s greatest political and economic leaders. His expertise is recognized by his peers in both the West and Arab world.

His activism is not limited to the business world; in 2013, he acquired the television channel Al Janoubiya and founded a political party in his home country, Tunisia.

With that being said, his political movement will not have a candidate in any future parliamentary elections. Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi prefers to clarify matters by stating that his fight is more economic and social than strictly political.

Driven to preserve the environment and fight against all pollution, he is actively involved with the Defense Foundation for the Quality of Life, and he supports actions to stem desertification in Africa and the Middle East.