Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi’s Activism

Environmental protection


Since 1988, Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi has been a member of the Defense Foundation for the Quality of Life. With this organization, he is actively fighting against desertification in Africa and the Middle East. Very involved in environmental conservation, he organized a partnership with the National Office of the Tunisian Sanitation (ONAS) in 2010. This public commercial and industrial establishment fights against water pollution works toward treated water recovery. Through this collaboration, Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi is contributing to sanitation projects in his home country.

That same year, actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger founded the non-governmental organization R20. Its main objective is to fight against global warming. Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi decides to invest in this project by becoming an active member of the association. Through this, he hopes to raise awareness in the international community on the dramatic chemical pollution of his hometown, Gabès. He will say: “I have personally been involved in this fight for 30 years, financially contributing to hospitals and to the care of pollution victims. However, this is only curative, and it is certainly not enough to fully stem the violence engendered by chemical destruction. We must now work toward prevention, attacking the problem at its roots.”(Source)

In 2015, the businessman participated in the COP 21 along with some of the world’s top policy makers. At this forum, he was involved in the signing of the Paris Agreements.

Saudi Arabian and Tunisian infrastructural development


A man of action, Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi actively participates in Tunisian and Saudi Arabian project development. These projects include:

  • Agricultural development in Saudi Arabia through the use of the Portube
  • Water distribution network sanitation in several of the country’s cities: Jeddah, Mecca, Medina…
  • Developing of a rail network connecting the cities of Mecca, Medina and Jeddah
  • Renovating the Jara Mosque in Tunisia…

Additionally, the entrepreneur has also told the press about a new project which would open a seawater desalination plant in the Sultanate of Oman. As part of this initiative, waste would be transformed into energy which would subsequently supply station structures.

Fighting for Tunisian rights


Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi, deeply devoted to his home country, is also involved in Tunisian politics. In 2013, he founded his own political party due to his firm opposition to the economic and social decisions of Ali Larayedh’s government. This party, the Tunisian Movement for Freedom and Dignity, intends to serve the real interests of the country’s citizens – not those of its leaders. Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi took advantage of the newly-formed party to forge a strategic alliance with politician Kamel Morjane (Minister of Defense and Foreign Affairs under Ben Ali).

However, a few weeks before the country’s parliamentary elections, he surprised everyone by withdrawing from the race. Worried by the motives of the other candidates, he asserts that “[his] ambitions for Tunisia are social, economic and energetic in nature, that [his] motivations are patriotic and not at all mercantilist.” Nevertheless, he will remain “a soldier for Tunisia.”

Promoting interfaith peace and counter-terrorism


A firm believer, Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi actively works to ease religious tensions in Tunisia. He uses his television channel, Al Janoubia. to spread messages of peace. Additionally, he regularly organizes interfaith meetings.

In May 2017, the businessman called out to Jews around the world, inviting them to make their pilgrimage to the Ghriba synagogue, one of the oldest on the planet. This emblematic monument of the country’s cultural heritage is home to more than 2500 years of history. It is an important symbol for the country’s Jewish community, and yet, it has also faced many security problems, including a 2012 attack claimed by Al-Qaeda. Thanks to the Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi’s involvement in the event’s organization, especially with regard to security issues, the pilgrimage went off without a hitch and was a great success.

Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi also helped organize and finance the Muslim March Against Terrorism which took place on July 14, 2017. Promoted by President Emmanuel Macron and his wife, this march brought together approximately thirty worshippers and religious leaders in a tour of European cities affected by religious attacks: Berlin, Brussels, Paris, Nice… At the initiative of former Drancy imam Hassan Chalghoumi and the Jewish writer Marek Halter, this demonstration aimed to remind people that the Islamic values are imbued with peace and tolerance, and above all else, they are the very antithesis of religious fundamentalism.

Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi: an award-winning businessman

  • 1988 : Defense Foundation Award for Quality of Life, awarded at the University of Ghent.
  • 1989 : Defense Foundation Award for Quality of Life, awarded at the University of Ghent.
  • 2009 : Honorary doctorate from Suez Canal University.
  • 2012 : Honors from the city of Huntington Beach, California for his investments and future projects.