Preparations are well underway for an International Peace Boxing Championship, taking place in Tunisia on October 23, 2017. Many Arab countries are expected to be represented in Gabès, a city in the south of Tunisia, as well as other countries such as France, Spain and Greece. In total, no fewer than sixty states will be represented.

In honor of the event, a press conference will take place Sunday, September 10 at Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi’s Business Center. It will be held by the International Federation of Sports Stars of the Arab Boxing Association for Individual Matches. It will present an opportunity for the media to learn more about the championship program.

Highly involved in his country’s economic and social development, Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi has promised to provide tournament organizers with the support they need to succeed. Most notably, he will utilize his power as the owner of a TV channel in southern Tunisia to broadcast the event by satellite. This investment was greatly appreciated by Hadi Al-Sudairy, Minister of the Commissioner for Youth and Sports, who expressed his thanks to the businessman, commending him for his support of Tunisian sports development.

The championship’s success and smooth completion present a major challenge for the global image of the Arab League and Tunisia.

On October 21, 2017, he organized an international boxing championship in Gabès.